Literary monuments of Kyrgyzstan Literary monuments of Kyrgyzstan
Literary monuments of Kyrgyzstan Literary monuments of Kyrgyzstan


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September 15, 2010

The presentation of the project "Literary monuments of Kyrgyzstan - providing safety and wide access" took place on September, 15th, 2010 in the National Library of KR

May 31, 2010

500 copies of the illustrated catalogue "Literary Monuments of Kyrgyzstan" have published

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In September 2008, the Library and Information Consortium of Kyrgyzstan combined the efforts of the country's four leading libraries, which are the major custodians of Kyrgyzstan's rare books, in order to implement the project "Literary Monuments of Kyrgyzstan: Ensuring Preservation and Public Access."



Project participants include the National Library of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Central Scientific Library of the Kyrgyz Academy of Science, the Scientific Library of the J. Balasagyn Kyrgyz National University, and the Issyk Kul Oblast Library. These libraries contain the largest number of rare and valuable printed materials in Kyrgyzstan, totaling over 50,000 works.


The goal of our libraries is not only to preserve these rare and priceless books, but also to give the public the opportunity to read and benefit from them. This goal was accomplished through the joint efforts of the libraries to preserve these rare and valuable publications, digitalize them and make them available to the public through the internet.


We consider the major goal of this project the preservation of these books, which contain priceless information on the historical, cultural and scientific legacy of our nation and its role in the development of the region, in order to ensure that future generations have access to these unique information sources. The project also undertook to popularize these rare books and to attract the attention of the scientific community to the rich collections of rare and valuable books available in Kyrgyz libraries.


The digital collection compiles selected rare books of Kyrgyzstan. These items are unique; each of them is a priceless monument representing its epoch.


We would like to believe that this collection will turn into a guide both for scholars and researchers, for broad circles of the public and for anyone who likes and appreciates books.


We intend to continue our joint efforts to both ensure the preservation of these rare books and continue their digitalization in order to make them available to the wider public.


We would like to express our gratitude to the Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation and the Embassy of the United States of America for their tremendous contribution in supporting and popularizing the cultural heritage of Kyrgyzstan.



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