Literary monuments of Kyrgyzstan Literary monuments of Kyrgyzstan
Literary monuments of Kyrgyzstan Literary monuments of Kyrgyzstan


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September 15, 2010

The presentation of the project "Literary monuments of Kyrgyzstan - providing safety and wide access" took place on September, 15th, 2010 in the National Library of KR

May 31, 2010

500 copies of the illustrated catalogue "Literary Monuments of Kyrgyzstan" have published

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At present time the collection amounts 120 book titles about the history and culture of Kyrgyzstan, which preserve the invaluable historical development of the country, the Kyrgyz state, science and cultural heritage of past generations.


The Digital Collection of Literary Monuments of Kyrgyzstan is the database including structural description of publications grouped into 7 subject categories:

  • History of Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia;
  • Geographical and Travel Notes;
  • Official Materials and Documents;
  • Kyrgyz History in Numbers;
  • The Uprising of 1916: Historical Chronicles;
  • Archaelogical Research;
  • Ethnographic Essays;
  • Kyrgyz Folklore;
  • First Publications of the Manas Epic;
  • Works on Kyrgyz Linguistics.


The period covered in the publications is beginning of the nineteenths to twentieth centuries.



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